Even Though Covid-19 is Spreading, BJP-Ruled States are Protecting PM Narendra Modi from Lockdown


Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Modi, while discussing the challenges posed by the Corona and the solutions to it, hinted that there would be no massive lockdown in the country.

New Delhi Latest news Update: Covid-19 infection in the country has created a worrying situation in the country. (coronavirus in India) Over the last few days, more than two and a half lakh patients have been found in the country. Against that backdrop, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation yesterday.

However, in his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while discussing the challenges posed by the corona and the measures to be taken, indicated that there would be no massive lockdown in the country. He also suggested that states should adopt lockdown as a last resort.

On the one hand, lockdown is being avoided in various states of the country and other strict restrictions are being imposed on Prime Minister Narendra Modi as well as the Chief Ministers of BJP-ruled states. The reasons behind it are now coming to the fore.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced the lockdown last year after corona patients were found in the country. However, after the sudden announcement of the lockdown, the TKG was slammed by the government.

Also, millions of people lost their jobs because of the lockdown. There was also a large influx of migrant workers. The country’s economy was also hit hard by the lockdown. That is why Modi used the word lockdown four times in his speech yesterday but advised the states not to lockdown. Like Modi, the chief ministers of various BJP-ruled states are also avoiding lockdown. There are also political issues behind it.

Meanwhile, while addressing the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised not to impose lockdown. From this, it is clear that the BJP-ruled states may have been informed in advance. That is why lockdown is being rejected by these states.

Lockdown directly affects the economic condition of the states. All financial transactions were shut down last year due to the lockdown. The laborers, the working class, had migrated in large numbers. Many states have not yet recovered from this, breaking the shackles of traders.

Also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of taking the Indian economy to рел 5 trillion has begun to take shape. The lockdown also hits the government coffers. That is why Prime Minister Modi is not in favor of imposing lockdown this time. It is also being followed by BJP ruled states.