Mumbai Latest News: In Mumbai, The Situation is Even More Worrying. However, According to the Current Statistics of CoVid-19 New Things


Latest News Live Update Mumbai: The Number of Corona patients (Covid-19) is increasing in the Maharashtra state. In Mumbai, the situation is even more worrying. But according to the current statistics of corona sufferers in Mumbai, new things are emerging. A total of 5542 new covid-19 patients were registered in Mumbai on April 25.

This figure is the lowest among the number of Covid-19 patients seen daily in April. Due to this reason, the spread of coronavirus in Mumbai has slowed down and the Total number of patients is slowly declining. As many as 5,888 people were infected with the covid-19 on Saturday, April 24.

During the month of April, the number of covid-19 patients is increasing daily in Mumbai as well as other parts of the Maharashtra state. Earlier, 5394 new Active patients were found in Mumbai on March 31.

Since then, there has been a study increase in the number of covid-19 victims in Mumbai. Also, with the increase in the total number of patients every day, this increase has directly reached 8,000. But now the number of patients in Mumbai is declining.

Tomarrow 64 killed in Mumbai

The death toll in Mumbai has also been steadily rising in the last few days. A total of 64 people were killed in Mumbai today due to corona. Also, 36 of them were already suffering from some ailment.

This information has been given by the health department of Mumbai Municipal Corporation. The corporation also said that 28 women were among the total dead today. Today’s death toll in Mumbai has reached 12,783.

The number of new cases has decreased in Mumbai. On the other hand, the rate of patient recovery has increased. On April 25, the number of patients recovering was higher than that of new patients.

In Mumbai, 8478 patients were corona free in a day. After these patients, the number of cured in Mumbai has reached 5,37,711. At present, the number of active patients in Mumbai is 75,740 and the recovery rate has reached 86 per cent.

The number of new corona patients has also declined in the state. The number of patients newly discovered on April 25 is lower than on April 24. A total of 67,160 coronaviruses were recorded during the day on April 24. So on April 25, 66191 new patients were found.

On the one hand, although the number of patients has decreased, the number of deaths has increased significantly. A total of 676 corona sufferers died during the day on April 24. On April 25, 832 people lost their lives in a single day.



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