Can’t See Patients Dying! Suicide of a Doctor on Duty in ICU


Latest News Live Update New Delhi: The Number of Corona patients in the country is increasing day by day. The growing incidence of corona has broken all records. In the first week of April, for the first time in the country, 1 lakh corona patients were found in a single day. Yesterday this number reached 4 lakhs.

No country in the world has ever registered 4 lakh patients in a single day. There is a huge strain on the health system in the country due to the huge increase in the number of corona patients. A doctor working in a private hospital in Delhi committed suicide due to unbearable work stress.

Dr. Vikas Rai committed suicide. He had been working in the ICU for a month. He was originally from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh. Since last month, Dr. Rai was posted to the ICU, Rai’s aide said on condition of anonymity.

Dr. Rai was giving CPR to seven to eight patients daily. However, despite their best efforts, many could not survive. This situation put stress on Rai. He said that he had taken this matter to heart.

While working as a Corona warrior for the past several months, Dr. Rai saved the lives of hundreds of patients, his colleagues said. Rai got married last November. His wife is two months pregnant. Dr. Rai’s body was brought to the AIIMS in New Delhi for autopsy.

The tragic incident underscored the strain on doctors and medical staff in the Corona crisis. Ravi Wankhedekar said. The mental stress on doctors due to this unprecedented situation is very great.

The death of a young doctor is a murder committed by the whole system. He pointed out that the picture is that only health workers who are leading the corona crisis are not getting health facilities.


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