“Prime Narendra Modi Corona’s Super Spreader”; Strong criticism of the Vice President of the Indian Medical Association


Indian Medical Association vice-president Navjot Dahiya has strongly criticized PM Narendra Modi.

Latest News Update New Delhi: Corona (Covid-19) has made a name for itself in the country. The number of Corona patients has reached 1,79,97,267. More than Reason, 2 Lakhs of Covid-19 Infected people have lost their lives. The number of Covid-19 patients is increasing rapidly as efforts are being made to prevent corona infection.

The vaccination campaign is also in full swing. Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Indian Medical Association (Indian Medical Association) Dr. Navjot Dahiya has strongly criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “Narendra Modi is Corona’s super spreader,” Dahiya said.

Corona has become widespread in the country due to its agreement to hold political rallies and events like the Kumbh Mela. That is why he has called Modi a super spreader of corona virus.

According to The Tribune, while the health service is working to make the coroner’s rule accessible to as many people as possible, the prime minister has not looked back in his decision to address large publicity rallies. Navjyot has said.

“The Picture is that the Country’s Healthcare System is Faltering.”

According to the medical Reports, Dahiya found the first corona patient in the country in January 2020. Even then, PM Modi has said that he did not take this issue seriously.

Also, “After the corona outbreak, Narendra Modi, instead of taking action to prevent the outbreak, welcomed US President Donald Trump in Gujarat and rallied millions of people.

However, the Prime Minister has not taken any decision on strengthening healthcare in the last one year, “he said.

“Prime Minister Modi has not taken the right decision regarding farmers’ agitation”

The international media has also criticized Prime Minister Modi over the Corona situation. Patients are suffering from dehydration due to lack of oxygen. The projects have stalled due to non-approval of the Center for setting up oxygen plants in many hospitals.

Navjot has attacked the Modi government for not giving much importance to these things. Funeral queues outside cemeteries in many cities across the country are indicative of the Corona situation. PM Narendra Modi did not take the best desision regarding aandolan of farmers. A large number of agitating farmers were allowed to come together.

Instead of solving the problem, the movement was allowed to take place and through that, the threat of Corona increased.


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