Latest News Update: Srinivasa Reddy, Accused in Deepali Chavan Suicide Case, Was Finally Caught by the Amravati Police


Latest News Live Update For Nagpur: Srinivasa Reddy, the accused in the notorious Deepali Chavan suicide case and the suspended area director of the Melghat Tiger Project, was finally caught by the police.

Amravati Rural Police with the help of Nagpur Crime Branch conducted the operation in Nagpur late on Wednesday night.

Srinivas Reddy is accused in the Deepali Chavan suicide case, which has caused a stir. The government has also suspended him. Amravati Rural Police has also registered a case against Reddy for causing Deepali Chavan’s suicide.

Shrinivas Reddy was running away after getting information about the crime. Amaravati Police was searching for him. A team from Amaravati village police reached Nagpur city on Wednesday afternoon as their location was visible in Nagpur city.

Started search of Shrinivas Reddy with the help of local Cyber Sell along with Amaravati Police Crime Branch. He was spotted by Amaravati police near a hotel in the city late at night.

After recording the incident in Nagpur, a team of Amravati Rural Police took him away. When asked about this by Newsindia12, Amaravati vilaage Police Sub-Divisional Polive Officer POONAM PATIL confirmed the news of Shrinavas Reddy being Arrested. But he refuses to comment further.

According to sources, the Amravati Rural Police had already obtained the necessary permission to arrest Reddy. After reaching Amravati, they will be shown arrested regularly. The police will then try to get their PCR from the court.


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