Maharashtra Latest News Update: More Than 4 lakh New Corona Patients in The Country, 3,523 Corona Victims in One Day


Latest News Update New Delhi: In the last 24 hours, 4 lakh 1,993 new corona patients have been found in India. As a result, the total number of corona victims in the country has gone up to 1 crore 91 lakh 64,969. 3,523 corona victims lost their lives yesterday.

The total number of corona victims has reached 2 lakh 11 thousand 853. (India में पिछले 24 Hours में 4,01,993 नए COVID-19 Cases 3523 मौतें और 2,99,988 छुट्टी की सूचना दी गई है).

The country has a record of finding more than four lakh corona patients in 24 hours. The total number of coronary heart disease patients in the country has now reached 1 crore 91 lakh 64,969.

Out of which 32 lakh 68,710 are currently active corona patients. 1 crore 56 lakh 84 thousand 406 patients have recovered after corona treatment, which is a matter of consolation.

So far 2 lakh 11 thousand 853 patients have lost their lives due to coronavirus in India. In the last 24 hours, 3,523 corona victims died due to corona.

A look at the country’s total statistics:

Total Corona affected in India: 1 crore 91 lakh 64,969
Total patients recovered after corona treatment: 1 crore 56 lakh 84,406
Total Coronabali in the country: 2 lakh 11,853
Total active corona patients in the country: 32 lakh 68,710

What is the Situation in Maharashtra?

In Maharashtra, 62,919 new corona patients were diagnosed yesterday (April 30, 2021). The state recorded the deaths of 828 corona-infected patients. The current mortality rate in the state is 1.5%. There are currently 6,62,640 corona positive patients in the state.

The total number of corona infected patients in the state has reached 46,02,472. In particular, 69,710 patients were cured in the state yesterday and a total of 38,68,976 corona-infected patients were cured in the state. As a result, the recovery rate of patients in the state is 84.06%.


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