How Do Politicians Get Remdesivir Injection When There is a Shortage ?; Court Questions Central Government


Latest News Update Mumbai: How can a politician get 10,000 injections when there is a shortage of Remedicivir injections? This question was asked by the High Court to the Central Government on Tuesday. How did Chopper bring such a large number of injections from Delhi when there was a shortage of Remedesivir?

Companies producing injections are required to hand over the entire stock to the Central Government. So that the center will supply various states; But seeing this incident, do we mean that the supply of injections is done to private individuals? Many such questions were raised by the High Court.

Nilesh Navlakha and Sneha Marjwadi have filed a PIL in the High Court regarding corona-related issues. The MP of the town, Dr. A public interest litigation has also been filed against Sujay Vikhe-Patil.

All these petitions were heard by the Chief Justice. Dipankar Datta and Justice. Girish Kulkarni was before the bench.

During the hearing, the High Court directed Dr. Sujay Vikhe-Patil) expressed surprise about giving injections on 10 thousand remedies.

The Aurangabad bench will take up the matter. “We want your (central government’s) attention to this,” the court said. The petitioners’ lawyers pointed out to the court that the incident took place not only in the town but also that many private individuals were getting the injections.

“If in the future, drug companies are supplying stocks of remedicivir directly to a private individual, we will stop the company from producing injections,” the apex court said.


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