Latest News Update: Strict Restrictions Till May 15, Cabinet Decision; The Police will Also Take a Tough Stand


Latest News Live Update Mumbai: The Cabinet has unanimously agreed to extend the strict restrictions imposed in the state till May 15. Some ministers have suggested a 10-day extension, but Corona’s cycle is 14 days. Therefore, extension of 15 days should be given.

This decision has been taken because of the consensus that it will help reduce the number. The orders will be issued on April 30. The Newsindia12 had reported in its Wednesday issue that the Strict restrictions would be further increased. It has been sealed by the decision of the Cabinet.

Some ministers also said in the meeting that the central government had told some company owners not to give medicines to Maharashtra regarding remedicivir injection, oxygen and vaccines.

If this is the case, then this information should be given to the people by everyone from the Chief Minister to the Ministers, said Sur. However, it is understood that this was not discussed further.

Concerns due to overcrowding are not being strictly observed in Maharashtra as it should be called lockdown, it is seen in many districts.

The rush in the vegetable market in the morning is causing concern. Therefore, the lockdown should be extended for another 15 days, and it should be implemented more strictly, all the ministers unanimously suggested.

The police should reduce the restraint and impose restrictions on those who roam freely. Some ministers also suggested that Jab should be asked.



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