Latest News: A Container Filled With Co-vaccin was Found in a State of Dis-repair; Both the Driver-Carrier Disappeared


Latest News Live Update Bhopal: Coronavirus has literally taken over the country. The prevalence of Coronavirus in India is increasing day by day. As the number of Coronavirus Patients is increasing per day, efforts are being made to speed up the Vaccination Campaign. But there is a shortage of corona vaccines all over the country.

However, it has been revealed that there is a big irresponsibility in the transportation of vaccines in Madhya Pradesh.

A cold chain container was found unattended on the side of the road near Kareli bus stand in Nahsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh. This container was in running condition. It contained 240,000 doses of corona vaccine.

Police were informed that a container had been standing on the side of the road for a long time. Driver, Carrier was not present in this container. As soon as the City Police got the information, they reached the container.

Police checked the documents in the container. The container, owned by TCI Cold Chain Solutions Company of Gurugram, was carrying 240,000 doses of Bharat Biotech covaccin vaccine from Hyderabad to Karnal in Punjab, police said.

Police found 364 large boxes in the container. It contained stocks of covaccin vaccines. Their total value was Rs 8 crore.

Police contacted company officials and obtained the mobile number of the driver of the container. Police then tried to trace the driver’s location through his mobile number.

The driver’s mobile was found lying in the bushes near the four-lane road near the Narsinghpur bypass. Police have yet to find the whereabouts of the container carrier and driver.


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