Latest News: Ader Punawala were Threatened by ‘Powerful’ People, Saying – Phone Calls Are the Worst Thing!


Latest News Live Update New Delhi: Adar Punawala of Serum Institude Of India, the world’s largest Famous Vaccine maker, says that Phone Call is the Worst thing. Also, we are getting a lot of phone calls and threats for Coronavirus Vaccine.

Not only that, he has also expressed fears that if I tell the truth, my head will be cut off. He was speaking in an interview with The Times.

Ader Punawala said the callers included chief ministers of Indian states, heads of chambers of commerce and a number of influential circles. These people are demanding immediate supply of Covishield vaccine over the phone. Ader Punawala said the hope and level of aggression to get the Covishield vaccine is unprecedented.

Currently, Corona virus is spreading in Pandermic All World, which is the second most populated country in the world. This has created the atmosphere of Heavy Fear and Panic. There are also frequent deaths.

Punawala gets security from Center –

Adar Poonawala, CEO of Serum Institute of India (SII), has been given Y-grade security across the country by the Center.

In SII, Prakash Kumar, Director of Government and Director of Regulatory Affairs, wrote an article to Union Home Minister Amit Shah on April 16 asking him to provide security to Adar Punawala, after which the Central Government granted him Y Security.

Serum Institute CEO Adar Punawala has reportedly left for London. “I am receiving threats and if I tell the truth, I will be beheaded,” he told Newsindia12.


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