Corona Virus: Rapid Action Plan to Deliver Assistance Material to the Needy from Overseas


Under the leadership of the Cabinet Secretary, a synergy has been made with various ministries. At the same time, a protocol has been made for the help of the Kovid crisis from the countries of the world, or for the purchase of materials, the entire staff has been put on it.

New Delhi: Amid deepening Covid crisis within the country, two things are at the top of India’s demand list at this time, Oxygen equipment and Remedisvir medicine. Efforts are being made on war-footing from abroad to remove the problems of this medicine. In this episode, a comprehensive plan has been implemented to extend the help coming from abroad to far-flung corners in India.

So that the help needed to reach the dim places immediately

Meanwhile, according to Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla, all the help coming to India to deal with the Covid 19 crisis is being obtained through the Indian Red Cross Society. At the same time, for the procurement of assistance from foreign government to the purchase of Indian companies or for the assistance coming from the diaspora community present abroad, the provision of quick processing and clearance has been made under the Covid Clearance Protocol. Goods falling under the marked Covid-19 requirements have also been exempted from customs duty. Also, with the help of the Department of Military Affairs, the aid material is being transported to various corners of India by military means.

In this episode, a provision has been made that under the single contact system, all the help materials came through the Indian Red Cross. State governments should also tell their demand to the central government. In particular, for the purchase of oxygen and ramdesvir medicine, this system is being pushed forward. So that there is no competition between different states of India in the international market.

More than 40 countries are helping India

Meanwhile, Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla told the media on the help being received from abroad that more than 40 countries have announced assistance to help India. Apart from this, India has asked its foreign diplomatic missions to make available oxygen concentrators, containers, oxygen plants and ramadasivir medicine from all possible sources.

In this episode, the Government of India is in talks with the Gilliad company to increase the production quota of Ramdevsir medicine. In addition, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Bangladesh are also making contact with all the countries that have the production and stock of the ramadasivir medicine.

It is important that the daily production of ramdesvir medicine in India is around 67 thousand doses. While its demand figure is reaching about 3 lakh doses. In such a situation, after India’s request, the Giliad company has decided to subsidize 4.5 lakh doses of the drug. At the same time, India has also asked the company to increase the limit of license production for Indian companies and make contact with its other production sources.

India has received aid proposals from many countries including America, Britain, France, Germany, European Union, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Japan. Many of these countries have started sending their help material. At the same time, India has increased production at the domestic level as well. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, about 550 oxygen generator plants will come from all over the world in the next few days, as well as 4000 oxygen concentrators, 10,000 oxygen cylinders, 17 oxygen tankers. This includes assistance as well as purchases made by Indian companies.


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